Adding to their growing list of offers including free access to more than 490 museums across the country, 50% discount off most mountain railways and free travel for children under the age of 16, the Swiss Travel System is now offering books to travellers on the Bernina Express and free beer for those taking the Quöllfrisch Express. Since December 2015, travellers in First Class aboard the Bernina Express have been enjoying the service’s newly launched on board library of books offering information on the Bernina Line and endless hiking tips and trails. The books, printed in different languages are suitable for both adults and children; and may be borrowed free of charge.

Also, for four Sundays in September beginning this year, passengers travelling onboard Appenzell Railways will be offered a free beer each. The service, the Quöllfrisch Express, will run between Gossau and Wasserauen in eastern Switzerland; and passengers can choose to have a traditional beer or shandy (a low-alcohol blend of beer and lemonade) to quench their thirst during the scenic rail journey. The beverages are courtesy of the Locher Brewery in Appenzell.

The Bernina Express is arguably the most spectacular of all Alpine crossings, passing through many scenes. Travellers are often interested in the route and the many places it passes, so the provision of detailed and in depth information about this and more will help interested passengers better understand and appreciate the route and hiking trails they are experiencing and embarking on.

The Bernina Express is a four-hour train journey between Chur in Switzerland’s east and Tirano in the country’s south, on the Italian border. One of the highest railways across the Alps, the Bernina Express operates on the UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railway (RhB). The journey passes through 55 tunnels and across 196 bridges including the world famous Landwasser Viaduct, which is the most spectacular landmark on the RhB.

And with the free beer, many people won’t refuse that offer! While Switzerland is best known for its cheese and chocolate on the gourmet front, many visitors to the country, especially first time travellers, are not aware that the country also produces wine, brandy and beer. This would be a nice introduction!

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